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Forestry Permit
Permit application procedure.
(1) Any person proposing to engage in any forestry, timber harvesting, tree harvesting or logging on any lot in the Township shall apply for a permit by written application on a form available from the Township. Such permit shall require the applicant's agreement to comply with the regulations established in this section. Failure of the applicant to abide by such regulations shall be a violation of the provisions of this chapter.
(2) The application for permit shall be accompanied by the following materials and/or documents:
(a) Any filing fee imposed by resolution of the Board of Supervisors.
(b) A forest management plan of the property where the proposed forestry, timber harvesting, tree harvesting or logging activity shall occur, which includes the following:
[1] An identification of the concerned property, the legal owners of the property, the mailing address(s) of the landowners and phone number(s) at which they can be reached during normal business hours.
[2] The property's boundaries as well as the specific areas of the site on which the work is to be performed and describing existing and proposed improvements and features of the property and the area surrounding the site of the work, including topography, existing vegetation, watercourses, man-made features, the affected watersheds and other natural features.
[3] A topographical survey of the site depicting topographic features, both existing and proposed, at a suitable scale of no less than one inch equals 50 feet and contour intervals of no more than two feet, prepared by a registered surveyor or registered engineer, including a boundary line survey, the location and description of vegetative cover, soil types and other pertinent existing natural or man-made features.
[4] A description, submitted by an approved forester, of the planned forestry, timber harvesting, tree harvesting, or logging operation as well as a description of the planned replanting of the lot. Where no replanting is planned, a statement from the approved forester describing the reasons why, in his opinion, the characteristics of the lot and vegetation situate thereon make natural regeneration appropriate or why such replanting is not otherwise necessary.
[5] An analysis by the approved forester of the soil erosion likely to occur as a result of the planned forestry, timber harvesting, tree harvesting or logging operation and recommended counter-erosion measures.
[6] A description of the counter-erosion measures that will be utilized by the landowners.
[7] A drawing showing the design, construction, maintenance and retirement of the access system, including haul roads, skid roads, skid trails and landings.
[8] The location of protective fencing for areas which will not to be harvested.
(c) A soil erosion and sediment control plan in compliance with Chapter 69: Soil Erosion and Sediment Control of the Code of West Goshen Township.
(d) A stormwater management plan.
(e) Copies of any permits or licenses required by federal or commonwealth laws and regulations.
(3) The requirements of this section shall be in addition to rather than in substitution of those provisions of the Township Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance relating to storm and surface drainage and stormwater management, grading and erosion control and stormwater management criteria. The Township Engineer may, in his discretion, authorize variances from strict adherence to the permit application provisions of this section when a subdivision or land development application is being reviewed by the Township under the Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance and when, in such review procedure, the Township Engineer determines that the data required to be submitted in an application for a permit hereunder has been included in the subdivision or land development plans and such plans are supported by documentation in substantial compliance with the requirements of this section. In such cases, the subdivider or land developer shall not be obligated to make application for a permit hereunder.
(4) A separate application shall be required for each permit. Three copies of all plan documents referred to in this section shall be submitted with each application, one of which, at the discretion of the Township Engineer, shall be submitted to the Chester County Conservation District for review and comment.

Forestry regulations, see § 84-57.8F for more information.
Inspection and permit fees and permit approval, see § 84-57.8G for more information.

Revocation or suspension of permit. Any permit issued under this section may be revoked or suspended by the Board of Supervisors of the Township, after notice to the permit holder for:
(1) Failure to comply with the terms of this section.
(2) A violation of any condition of the permit.
(3) Violation of any provision of this chapter or any other applicable law, ordinance, rule or regulation relating to the forestry, timber harvesting, tree harvesting or logging operation.
(4) Existence of any condition on the property or the doing of any act which constitutes or creates a nuisance, hazard or endangers human life or the property of others.

Responsibility for road maintenance and repair; road bonding. The landowner and the operator shall be responsible for repairing any damage to Township roads caused by traffic associated with a forestry, timber harvesting, tree harvesting or logging operation. Pursuant to 67 Pennsylvania Code, Capter 189, the landowner or operator shall furnish a bond in an amount determined by the Township Engineer to guarantee the repair of such damages.

Inspections/remedies. The Township may go upon the property where any forestry, timber harvesting, tree harvesting or logging operation is occurring to determine if the requirements of this section and of the permit, including conditions thereof, or to the plans and specifications submitted with the permit application, including modifications thereof, or to the approved runoff and erosion control plan, are being followed. If the Township determines that the landowner or operator is not complying with any of the above, the Township shall send a written notice to the permittee, which notice shall set forth the nature of corrections required and the time within which corrections shall be made. If the permittee fails to comply with the notice in the time specified, the permittee shall be considered in violation of this section, in which case the Township is entitled to seek all appropriate remedies at law, including the enforcement procedures provided in § 84-64: Enforcement; remedies. of this chapter.