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Microwave Antenna Permit
(1) A permit shall be required prior to the erection or installation of any microwave antenna for satellite communication (microwave antenna).
(2) The application process shall be in conformity with § 84-67A(2) through § 84-67A(7), inclusive.
(3) All applications shall be accompanied by plans, in duplicate and to scale, showing:
(a) The dimensions of the lot and location of the buildings thereon.
(b) Details of all microwave antenna anchors, supports and foundations and the exact proposed location thereon on the lot.
(c) The proposed location, type and height of the required screen.
(d) Design, wind load on each anchor and allowable wind load on each anchor.
(e) Forces on foundation, including live load and dead load.
(f) Allowable soil bearing pressure and actual soil bearing pressure.
(g) Strength and allowable stresses of cables, rods or braces; actual force and allowable force for each cable, rod or brace.
(h) When microwave antenna(e) are attached to an existing structure, details of how microwave antenna loads will be distributed to the existing structure shall be provided.