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Sign Permit
Permits required. Except for signs that are exempt pursuant to § 84-52Q, it shall be unlawful for any person to erect, install, replace, alter, relocate or maintain within the Township any sign or other advertising structure without first obtaining a sign permit from the Zoning Officer.
Application for sign permit. Application for a sign permit required by the subsection above, shall be made upon forms available from the Zoning Officer and shall, at a minimum, require the following information:
(1) Name, address and telephone number of the applicant.
(2) Location of the building, structure or lot to which the application pertains.
(3) Position of the sign in relation to nearby buildings, structures and lot lines.
(4) Two blueprints or ink drawings containing the plans, specifications and description of the construction materials, methods of attachment or installation of the sign or the method of anchorage to the ground.
(5) Copy of stress sheets and calculations demonstrating that the structure is designed for dead load and wind pressure in any direction in the amount required by this chapter and all other laws and ordinances of the Township.
(6) Name, address and telephone number of the person erecting the sign.
(7) Written consent of the owner of the building, structure or land to which or on which the sign is erected.
(8) A copy of the electrical permit required and issued for the proposed sign, if any.
(9) Such other information as the Zoning Officer shall require to demonstrate full compliance with this and all other applicable laws and ordinances of the Township.

Illuminated and electrified signs. Any sign illuminated or otherwise electrical shall be subject to the National Electrical Code and an electrical inspection by an approved electrical inspection agency pursuant to Chapter 39: Electrical Standards. The electrical inspection fee shall be borne by the applicant.
Permit number, date and voltage to be placed on each sign. Each sign hereafter erected shall have permanently painted or affixed in a conspicuous place thereon, in letters not less than one inch in height, the date of erection, the permit number and, if electrified, the voltage of any electrical apparatus used in conjunction therewith.

Sign permit.
(1) A sign permit shall be required prior to the erection of any sign.
(2) Application for permit shall be made in writing to the Zoning Officer designated by the Board of Supervisors and shall contain all information necessary for such officer to determine whether the proposed sign or the proposed alterations conform to all the requirements of this chapter.
(3) Permits shall be granted or refused within 15 days from date of application.
(4) No sign permit shall be issued except in conformity with the regulations of this chapter, except after written order from the Zoning Hearing Board or the courts.
(5) All applications for sign permits shall be accompanied by plans or diagrams in duplicate and approximately to scale showing the following:
(a) Exact dimensions of lot or building upon which the sign is proposed to be erected.
(b) Exact size, dimensions and location of the said sign on lot or building.
(c) Any other lawful information which may be required of applicant by the Zoning Officer. One copy of said plan or diagram shall be returned to applicant, after the Zoning Officer shall have marked such copy either approved or disapproved and attested to the same.