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Lighting Plans
Purpose. This section sets forth minimum criteria for the installation, use and maintenance of exterior lighting, the purposes of which are to require lighting in outdoor public places where safety and security are concerns; protect drivers and pedestrians on nearby streets from disabling glare from non-vehicular light sources that shine directly into their eyes and thereby impair safe travel; shield neighboring properties from nuisance glare resulting from excessive light sources and from nonexistent or improperly directed or shielded light sources; limit the height of light standards to preclude or lessen light pollution; and promote efficient design and operation with regard to energy conservation. As used herein, the term "glare" means distracting, harsh or blinding or uncomfortably bright light originating from or reflecting off man-made objects.
(1) Lighting standards: applicability. Lighting facilities shall be required for all off-street parking areas and off-street loading areas and for all driveways providing ingress and egress thereto for all subdivisions and/or land developments for business, commercial, personal service, industrial, multifamily, recreational, institutional and public uses. In the approval of any subdivision or land development plan, the Supervisors shall have the authority to require lighting to be incorporated for other uses or locations where in their reasonable discretion such lighting is warranted. In addition, the provisions of this section shall apply to signs, architectural lighting and landscape lighting.
(2) Plan submission.
(a) Lighting plans shall be submitted for review and approval for all subdivisions and land developments and for all uses identified in § 84-55F(3)(b) of this section, and shall include a schematic lay-out of all proposed exterior fixture locations, ISO footcandle data and a plat demonstrating intensities and uniformities within the limitations established in § 84-55F(3) of this section, and manufacturer's description of the equipment (catalog cuts), glare control devices, lamps, mounting heights and means, proposed hours of operation of the lighting and maintenance schedule. Illumination intensities shall be plotted on a 10 feet by 10 feet grid.
(b) When required by the Township Engineer, the applicant shall submit a visual impact photometric plan that demonstrates both light coverage and light spillage resulting from the proposed lighting plan and the provision for adequate measures to mitigate nuisance from light pollution and disabling glare, both on the use or development site and on adjacent properties.
See § 84-55F for complete information on lighting.