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RGC District - Conditional Use Application
Administration; applications to be treated as conditional use applications.
It is not the intention of the Board of Supervisors by the adoption of this article to provide for the establishment of a Planned Residential Development controlled by Article VII of the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code. Rather, the Board shall hear and consider applications for development within the RGC Residential Golf Course District as conditional use applications, the approval of which shall be subject to such reasonable conditions as the Board shall, in its discretion, determine necessary.

Conditions for development.
The following are prerequisite conditions of a development plan within the RGC Residential Golf Course District, and no development shall be approved that does not strictly comply with the following requirements:
A. Any tract of land, hereinafter known as the "development tract," proposed to be developed shall be in single and separate ownership or, in the case of multiple tracts and separate ownership proposed to be combined for such development, at the time the application is filed with the Board, there shall be submitted therewith a written agreement in the form of a declaration of restrictions, covenants and easements, in a form suitable for recordation, which imposes upon all such tracts the condition that they be developed in accordance with a single plan, with common authority and common responsibility, so that the tracts so combined are developed as a single development tract in accordance with the zoning regulations of this district and the subdivision and land development regulations established in Chapter 72: Subdivision of Land of this Code.
B. The development tract shall be a contiguous minimum area of 115 acres, provided that, if the applicant proposes to develop a championship golf course, as that term is defined by the Professional Golfers Association, the minimum development tract area shall be 175 contiguous acres. If an existing golf course is proposed to be expanded and will be utilized and integrated as a part of the expanded golf course, that area of ground comprising the existing golf course may be included as forming a part of the required minimum development tract area; provided, however, within the area comprising the expanded golf course area there shall be not less than 6.3 acres per hole for a nonchampionship golf course and 9.7 acres per hole for a championship golf course.
C. The tract shall be served by public sanitary sewers and by a public water supply system.

Conditional use application requirements.
An application for a conditional use within the RGC Residential Golf Course District shall be filed with the Board of Supervisors in accordance with the application requirements of § 84-74: Conditional uses of this chapter.