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Zoning and Building Permits
(1) Applications for zoning and building permits shall be accompanied by the following in the R-2, R-3 and R-4 Residential Districts: plans in duplicate drawn to scale and showing the following:
(a) The actual dimensions and shape of the lot to be built upon and, when required by the Township Engineer, a soil and erosion plan.
(b) The exact size and location with relationship to the lot of all existing buildings and structures of any kind, if any, and the location and dimensions of all proposed buildings, other structures, extensions or alterations thereof of any kind.
(c) Existing and proposed uses, giving the number of existing and proposed units or families the building is designed to accommodate.
(d) Any additional information that may be required by the Zoning Officer, the Township Building Official or the Township Engineer or as required by any other section or provision of this chapter.
(e) A narrative description of the provision for water and sanitary sewerage and, in the instance of an on-site sanitary sewer system and/or water well, a true and correct copy of the permit therefor issued by the Chester County Health Department or other regulatory authority having jurisdiction.
(2) In all other zoning districts, the approved subdivision or land development plan.
See § 84-67: Permits for more information.