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Procedure to obtain preliminary opinion
Procedure to obtain preliminary opinion.
In order not to unreasonably delay the time when a landowner may secure assurance that this chapter or the Zoning Map under which he proposes to build is free from challenge, such landowner may advance the date from which time any challenge to this chapter or the Zoning Map will run under § 84-72F(1) (MPC Section 914.1 by the following procedure:
A. The landowner may submit plans and other materials describing his proposed use or development to the Zoning Officer for a preliminary opinion as to their compliance with this chapter. Such plans and other materials shall not be required to meet the standards prescribed for preliminary or final approval or for the issuance of a building permit so long as the Zoning Officer is satisfied that they provide reasonable notice of the proposed use or development and a sufficient basis for a preliminary opinion as to its compliance.
B. If the Zoning Officer determines that the use or development complies with this chapter, notice thereof shall be published once each week for two successive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation in the Township. The notice shall include a general description of the proposed use or development and its location and the place and times where the plans and other materials may be examined by the public. The favorable preliminary approval under § 84-72F(1) and the time therein specified for commencing a proceeding with the Zoning Hearing Board shall run from the time when the second notice thereof has been published.