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Appeals to the Zoning Officer
A. Appeals arising from a determination of the Zoning Officer or as a result of the application of any provision of this chapter may be taken by any landowner or person aggrieved who is affected thereby to the Zoning Hearing Board with respect to matters within its jurisdiction as provided for in § 84-72: Appeals to the Board. or to the Board of Supervisors with respect to appeals within its jurisdiction as provided for in § 84-73: Jurisdiction.. Unless otherwise specifically allowed by law, no person shall be allowed to file an appeal later than 30 days after an application for development, whether preliminary or final, has been approved by an appropriate municipal officer, agency or body, if such proceeding is designed to secure reversal or to limit the approval in any manner, unless such person alleges and proves that he had no notice, knowledge or reason to believe that such approval had been given. All appeals from determinations adverse to a landowner shall be filed by the landowner within 30 days after notice of the determination is issued.
B. Method of appeal. An appeal or application for relief within the jurisdiction of either the Zoning Hearing Board or the Board of Supervisors shall be filed with the Secretary of the board having jurisdiction, shall be in form and content as required by the applicable sections of this chapter and shall be accompanied by the required filing fee. No application shall be accepted for filing which is not complete or which is not accompanied by the required filing fee.