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Permits - General requirements
(1) Application for permits shall be made, in writing, on an appropriate form to the Zoning Officer and shall contain all information necessary for such officer to ascertain whether the proposed use of land, buildings or other improvements which are the subject of the application comply or shall comply with the provisions of this chapter and all other applicable Township ordinances and statutes of governing authorities having jurisdiction.
(2) Applications for permits required under this chapter shall be submitted by the landowner or a designated representative thereof; however, responsibility for obtaining any required permit in compliance with this chapter and all Township ordinances and statutes shall be the responsibility of the property owner in title.
(a) Application for building permits. All applications for building permits shall be made to the Township building official in accordance with the Building Code.
(b) Issuance of building permits. No building permit shall be issued until the Zoning Officer has certified that the proposed building, structure, extension or alteration complies with the provisions of this chapter and all applicable Township ordinances and statutes.
(3) No permit shall be issued except in conformity with the provisions of this chapter and other existing Township ordinances and statutes, except upon written order of the Zoning Hearing Board, the Board of Supervisors or a court of competent jurisdiction, as applicable; provided, however, that permits issued pursuant to such written orders shall be subject to any conditions and stipulations contained in such orders.
(4) In all instances in which the Zoning Officer has or expresses a reasonable doubt as to the ability of the proposed use or the land on which it is to be conducted or erected to meet all of the requirements of this chapter, any other applicable Township ordinance or statute, it shall be incumbent upon the applicant to furnish adequate evidence of compliance in support of its application. If the Zoning Officer determines that such adequate evidence has not been furnished, the zoning permit will be denied.
(5) The parcel or parcels of land, buildings or structures or parts thereof for which an application is submitted shall be in full ownership of the applicant or proof of equitable ownership shall be furnished at the time of application.
(6) Permits shall be granted or refused within 30 days from the date of application and shall be valid for a period not to exceed one year from the date of issuance. If construction is commenced under any such issued permit within such period, the Zoning Officer is authorized to extend the permit for a period not to exceed one additional year from the date of expiration of the initial one-year period. The Zoning Officer is authorized to revoke any building permit where there has been a cessation of construction work of more than six months.
(7) No application is complete until all necessary documents have been filed and all fees have been paid.